Coming soon – BatteryOne

Swepac shortly introduces several battery-powered forward plates and poker vibrators with a common battery platform – BatteryOne. The batteries are easily replaceable and are offered with three different energy contents – 0.5kWh, 1.0kWh and 1.4kWh – in order to allow choice of runtime for each machine. The three batteries suit all machines equipped with the BatteryOne concept. There are two different battery chargers, a smaller 7.5A charger and a larger fast-charger with 13.5A output.

In early part of 2023, the following forward plates and poker vibrators with the BatteryOne concept will be available:

F52B, F70BA, F82B, F90BA, F92BA, FR95B and poker vibrators with 38, 50 och 58mm diameter