Screed / surface vibrator

The Swepac SVM 25E is an electrically driven modular screed for surface- and deep-vibration of fresh concrete surfaces.

  • The SVM 25 is based on a modular system consisting of sections that can be built up to a length of 25 m.
  • It has a 3-phase electric motor, reliable and environmental friendly.
  • Made of strong, light weight aluminum, which means low weight / m
  • Can be angled between sections up to 6 degrees.
  • Deep vibration down to about 150 mm.
  • Handwinch is standard equipment.
  • Extendable handles on both drive unit and end-section.
  • Vibrational shaft in stainless steel.
  • High quality bearings, equipped with grease nipples that are flush protected.
  • The electric system as well as circuit-breakers are vibration-protected.
  • Can work directly on the reinforcement with “skates” mounted on the screed.
  • As an option, an electric winch-set is available, enabling just one person to operate the screed.
  • All Swepac surface vibrators are versatile and easy to operate. They are strong and reliable which means lower operating and maintenance costs.


  • Skates with stepless adjustment, from 30 – 150 mm.
  • Electric winches, with 3 phase electric motor driven worm gears
  • Extra third winch when using longer screeds to avoid bending in the middle
  • Outrigger U2 or U3 for track rail system
  • Extender, 0.5 m
  • Special connection set for making steeper
    slopes than standard connections
  • Fixed rail support, on request
Electric winches
Extra 3rd winch
Special connection

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Technical specifications

Screed typeModular
Motor, electric400V, 3-phase
Motor, output2.2 kW
Sealing classIP 65
Centrifugal force500 N/m
Speed, motor2830 rpm
Length, max25 m
Weight, electric drive unit incl winch set61 kg
Weight, end unit incl manual winch25 kg
Weight, 0.5 m module22 kg
Weight, 0.75 m module24 kg
Weight, 1 m module26 kg
Weight, 2 m module42 kg
Weight, 3 m module64 kg
Weight, 7.2 m unit80 kg
Drive unit, l x w x h300 x 400 x 950 mm
End section, l x w x h150 x 400 x 950 mm
Modules, w x h400 x 556 mm
Hand/arm vibrations (HAV)4.5 m/s2
Guaranteed sound-power level, LWA106 dB(A)
Sound pressure level (at operator’s ear), OP95 dB(A)