Swepac modular screed SVM 25 in operation at „E4, the Stockholm bypass project”

The 14 meter wide lanes are cast in concrete and for this, the Swiss company Implenia has chosen Swepac’s modular screed SVM 25E. With electric winches it moves about 1m / minute ahead, while the delivery trucks drive on a shuttle.

Foreman Rajko Sturmer says this about the work and modular screed: „This equipment provides both ergonomic and economic benefits and is a good product that simplifies our handling, which is highly appreciated. The screed, for example, is equipped with dual electric winches, which provide ergonomic advantages for the operator, who can control the movement centrally and, if necessary, only drive one winch at a time, if the beam needs to be quickly aligned. Good lifting possibilities for cranes make movement safe and easy.